Research Services

Home Research Services Our research team is made up of highly skilled senior qualitative and quantitative researchers who focus on providing customer insight and strategic advice for our clients. Our goal and drive is to become an extension of our clients’ marketing departments, working closely with these clients over the long term. Our approach to […]
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Talent Acquisition & Planning

Home Talent Acquisition & Planning Strategic Recruitment Support  When we say Strategic Recruitment, we mean strategic! Roundsquare provides the expert services and resources needed to ensure your recruitment efforts pay off for the long-term! From the very start of identifying the skills needed to the end of the candidate evaluation and selection, Roundsquare ensures your […]
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Employee Management & Development

Home Employee Management & Development JOB ANALYSIS & JOB DESCRIPTIONS Job analysis and development of accurate job descriptions support many critical aspects of an organization’s human capital management – Recruitment of the correct candidate Establishment of competitive compensation Individual productivity and employee engagement Streamline of work processes and accountability Identification of training needs Compliance with […]
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Training & Development

Home TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT TRAINING DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, DELIVERY & EVALUATION Roundsquare helps clients achieve the future they envision. Whether it’s learning the HR discipline, managing a diverse staff, improving your customer service, or getting the most from a senior team, we help our clients evolve into the organizations they wish to become. Our team of […]
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