Employee Management & Development

Employee Management & Development


Job analysis and development of accurate job descriptions support many critical aspects of an organization’s human capital management –

  • Recruitment of the correct candidate
  • Establishment of competitive compensation
  • Individual productivity and employee engagement
  • Streamline of work processes and accountability
  • Identification of training needs
  • Compliance with labor laws and legislation.

The list goes on. Regardless of the need, completing job analysis and developing accurate job descriptions is of the utmost importance and requires specific expertise and knowledge. Roundsquare has been providing these services to our clients and our experts continuously stay abreast of changes in legislation as well as industry best practices to ensure both the processes and resulting job documentation can withstand legal scrutiny and protect our clients, while supporting the backbone of their operations.

Job descriptions are the foundation of organizational performance, and serve as key drivers in a variety of HR functions. At Roundsquare, the development of effective job descriptions is a critical part of our success philosophy. Roundsqaure-developed job descriptions:

  • Define the jobs for performance planning, transfer, promotion, staff planning, career, and disability accommodation purposes
  • Use standard formats that allow for consistent application
  • Give employees written definitions of their jobs
  • Provide reliable sources for compensation plan design and establishing internal equity
  • Help organizations move swiftly to increase or replace staff due to increased business or turnover
  • Help those responsible for work flow to perform systematic analyses of organizations’ work processes from start to finish
  • Assist in meeting important compliance obligations.


 Job evaluation is a systematic process of determining the relative value of various jobs within an organization, and assigning jobs to a hierarchical index of job value. Effective job evaluation enables an organization to:

  • Provide fair pay to its employees
  • Attract and retain its needed talent
  • Identify duplication of tasks and gaps between jobs and function allowing it to make strategic alignment decisions
  • Identify qualification requirements
  • Place jobs in salary structure
  • Maintain internal equity

At Roundsquare, our trained and well-experienced staff provides an unbiased, holistic approach to evaluation of an organization’s jobs.

  • We focus on only the job itself, not the person performing the job – something that can be very difficult to do if you are an employee of the organization
  • We understand the effects a job evaluation process can have on the employees such as job insecurity or fear of pay cuts – so we assist in using an organization-wide involvement and continuous communication process helping to ease concerns and establish a sense of ownership from the results of the job evaluation
  • We know the struggles that can occur with management involvement and we take a proactive approach from the onset to help ensure the cooperation needed for successful project completion

We complete job evaluations using current industry best practices in alignment with the requirements of equal pay legislation. Typically, job evaluations are completed after the job analysis and job descriptions are complete. Roundsquare employs both non-quantitative methods of evaluation such as job classification, as well as quantitative methods such as a job point-factoring which utilizes compensable factors to determine internal worth – a key to establishing an internally consistent compensation system that can serve as a strategic tool for the organization.


Roundsquare conducts external market pricing to ensure our clients are competitively positioned to compete for talent in current and future labor markets, and to ensure their internal compensation structures are strategically aligned to the overall goals of the business organization in order to build a stable, dedicated and high performing workforce. Roundsquare develops external market rates of pay for benchmark job titles using valid survey sources to support both external and internal equity and establish a consistent, market/competency-based compensation structure.

External market pricing is conducted to calculate the base rate of pay being offered by our client’s competitors for specific jobs performing similar roles and essential functions. Knowing what the competition or comparable organizations are willing to pay is a crucial piece of information when setting the client’s base rate of pay to attract and retain key talent. Roundsqaure employs ‘best practice’ methodologies by balancing internal job evaluation with the external market pricing in order to do the best job possible in reconciling sometimes conflicting influences.


Performance management systems are driven by business needs, organizational culture and the system’s integration with other human resource management systems. There is not a “one size fits all” model. Effective Performance Management Systems:

  •  Increase employees’ accountability of their on-the-job performance
  • Provide a more objective tool for measuring employees’ success
  • Provide a direct line of sight for employees to the strategic goals of the organization
  • Improve success rates for reaching overall organizational goals
  • Mitigate employment practice-related risks by linking evaluation to employees’ self-validated job descriptions
  • Provide measurement for operational/business decisions, i.e., performance rewards, compensation, downsizing, etc.
  • In addition, an organization’s performance management directly affects employee morale and attitude, thereby determining productivity and ultimately the success of the organization. In today’s workplace climate, performance management is crucial!

Roundsquare designs performance management systems and tools to systematically produce meaningful, measured results for our clients. Contact Roundsquare to learn how we can create a Circle of Measured Success that produces the measurements and outcomes needed for optimal performance management and bottom-line influence!


  •  Not sure if you are paying employees too little or too much?
  • Losing good employees to better paying jobs elsewhere?
  • Compensating according to an antiquated system?
  • Merger or acquisition in your future?
  • Just opening your doors and onboarding your first employees?
  • Expanding your services and diversifying your workforce?

Regardless of the reason, Roundsquare can assist in all areas of compensation, from policy design and plan development through stakeholder approval and implementation.

Roundsquare’s Compensation Analysis & Design services include all levels of comprehensive review, refinement, and/or development of compensation programs, ensuring strategic alignment with each unique client. Roundsquare’s Compensation Analysis & Design services provide our clients:

  •  Improved competitiveness through current, market-aligned compensation structures that help to attract, motivate and retain high quality employees to the best of the organization’s budgetary abilities
  • Risk management resulting from implementation of consistent and defensible pay structures – developed by an unbiased, ethically bound third party – that meet the requirements of equal value legislation
  • Tools and services needed to support the implementation and independent management and maintenance of the overall compensation system, and guide consistent and defensible base pay decisions that provide every employee a competitive level of compensation.

Whether you need a complete analysis of your existing compensation system, are starting your compensation program from the ground up, or just need a pay scale developed for a few new positions, Roundsquare’s experienced Certified Compensation Professionals can successfully meet the demands of your project!


Compensation and Benefits, Employee and Customer Satisfaction, Employee Exit Interviews, Industry Benchmarks, Employee Engagement… Surveys provide the means to make multitudes of business decisions, based on factual data that saves organizations both time and money that would otherwise be spent on trial-and-error approaches.

Roundsquare Provides Comprehensive Survey Services To Include:

  • Online and print formats
  • Data compilation and analysis
  • Project management from start to finish
  • Participant communication development and delivery
  • Custom and template-based content development

And when the circumstances require higher degrees of specialization, Roundsquare also has strategic partnerships with industry-leading tool developers to ensure the survey efforts produce the validated data needed.

Our clients know that when business decisions need to made, Roundsquare provides the Survey Services required to produce dependable, decision-driving results.


Whether your business is relatively young and HR-related tasks have been handled by a one-person team, or your business has been operating for multiple years with a fully staffed HR Department, Roundsquare provides HR Compliance Auditing solutions that meet the needs of your organization. We provide full-service HR Compliance Audits to assess the employment practices, compliance and human resource functions within an organization. Completion of an HR Compliance Audit enables an organization to:

  • Accurately identify the beneficial and problematic areas of current employment practices
  • Strategically plan efforts needed for compliance and improvement
  • Create a template to guide administration on not only industry best employment practices, but also compliance with state and federal regulations.

Roundsquare’s Compliance Audits examine the following key areas of the employment life cycle, compliance, and human resource functions, covering over 100 employment issues:

  • Staffing & Hiring
  • Benefits Administration
  • HR Administration
  • Employment Practices
  • Education & Training
  • Time Off & Leave
  • Health & Safety
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation
  • Terminations

Roundsquare-Administered Audit

Roundsquare’s Comprehensive Audit Services can include virtual as well as on-site services. Contact us today to discuss your customized comprehensive auditing needs.


Effective workplace policies and procedures have never been more important than in today’s challenging, ever-changing business world. It is essential for organizations to have policies and procedures developed and implemented based on best employment practices, if for no other reason than to protect your organization and its employees.

But effective policies and procedures offer benefits beyond this – they provide for:

  • Uniformity and consistency in decision-making and operations
  • Demonstration of the organization’s values
  • Quick and efficient action and resolution when a problem occurs
  • A framework for business planning
  • Direction of the organization despite periods of change
  • Assistance with performance assessment and accountability
  • Clarification of functions and responsibilities
  • Improved communication for employees
  • An overall sense of stability and dependability to the workforce
  • And of course, employment practice-related risk management

Roundsquare develops both individual policies and procedures for our clients, as well as entire Personnel/Employee Handbooks, all based on industry best practices and in alignment with today’s ever-changing state and federal regulations.

Roundsquare offers solutions to fit any organization size or need including:

  • Review of your current policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the most current regulations
  • Development of individual policies and procedures to meet organizational changes
  • Development of your entire Personnel/Employee Handbook from start to finish

Roundsquare also provides custom training at both the supervisor and employee level to ensure your workforce understands its roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

Don’t guess when it comes to your policies and procedures – Depend on an experienced professional – Depend on Roundsquare!

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